Getting Real…

The harsh truth of the matter is I have had two knee surgeries. My left knee will never be 100% again. My knee hurts. Often. I deal with it, but not like I should. My orthopedist for years has said two things. I need to get special shoes and I need to wear a knee brace. I have done neither. I purchased a knee brace. I hate it. It is my hope that just being within close proximity to the brace might somehow help my knee. As for shoes I tend to buy them as cheap as I can go and well, you get what you pay for.

My knee blew out yesterday. This is not a walk effecting incident. It happens. It makes a funny little popping noise then feels like someone has smashed my knee with a hammer. The pain fades after a few days.

So I am going to walk across the United States. I suppose I had better get serious. Today I went and had my feet, gait and stride measured and now own a new set of bracing walking shoes with custom in-soles. I also bought a new knee brace, a real one and not the silly elastic thing that lurks in the corner of the bedroom. Here is to doing what it takes.