First donation and I got eaten by a crocodile…

Two things.

First, I got my first donation to Child’s Play! I am still three months and 5 days away from starting my walk and we are already raising money! I am very excited about this. Thank you so much Marlene. Every day this seems more real to me and you just helped draw that reality filter further into focus.

Sadly this wonderful news was interrupted by my second thing… I got eaten by a crocodile.

So there was this pirate camp you see? They were smuggling a staggeringly inappropriate amount of weapons and explosives onto the island and well, that does nobody any good. I was perfectly quiet. I snuck around all of the guards like a cat. They never knew I was there. A well tossed rock distracted the door sentry long enough for me to sneak inside. I planted a timed bomb… for only 15 seconds. You would think I would be smart enough to allow a bit more time for such subtle work. Oh well, the time for stealth was over. I kicked open the door, took out two guards and made a mad dash away from the ticking powder keg of a pirate camp. I turned around to see the camp go up in a blinding huge fireball. Those guards were chasing me. They started shooting! In front of me loomed a lake! I plunged into the water to escape the hail of gunfire… right into the mouth of a crocodile.

Seriously? What were those kids doing vacationing on that island? With the pirates, crocodiles, tigers, bears, komodo dragons, hallucinatory plant life, death goats and magical tattoos… it seems a horrifically dangerous place. Oh! I have been playing Far Cry 3 by the way.