The Wedding!

wedding-dayDuring the week of July 13th-20th my best friend Brandon is getting married. Funny thing about him, I met him online through video games. We met during the beta of Star Wars Galaxies and found in each other kindred spirits. We usually plan most gaming purchases around multiplayer games. I bought my first sports game because of him. That was a big deal. It was NHL 97.

He is Canadian and managed to turn me, someone who cared little for sport, into a hockey fan. Gaming brought us together and I would not miss his wedding for the world. This will take some planning, but the idea is that I will store my gear near an airport and fly out to participate in the wedding festivities. Once those are over I shall fly back and continue on my way. The wedding will be covered in the blog! And, of course, this is a personal cost and no donations will be used to fund the trip.