The Retail Clock.

I am thankful for seasonal work. I want to get that out of the way. It keeps me busy. I think it is actually good excercise being on my feet all day; it prepares me more for what is ahead. It helps pay the bills. It was part of the plan. All of the being said… it is driving me insane.

I have what is possibly the biggest adventure of my life looming in front of me. When I am not blogging about it I am walking. When I am not walking I am taking care of “The paperwork.” I am writing sponsor emails. I am constructing my Indiegogo campaign. I am talking to the charity, I am checking and re-checking all of my gear. My eye is fixed on Rivendell. Wait… I mean the walk. I am fixated on the walk. I am not Sauron. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

So the walk rules my life now. It is a full-time job. Then I go to work. I go to work and I do work things. I pick things up. I put things down. I show people where tuna fish is located. I sit in the break room and watch Iron Chef. The entire act is like a huge ticking, slow clock. Every day is a painful slow “Click.” It lasts the entire shift. And it seems the hands of this clock make March 10th feel further and further away. I am being dramatic yes. I know this. But as you Whovians out there know the ticking drove The Master to the far reaches of crazy. What if the retail clock is doing the same to me? Tick…tick……..TICK.