I have issues with commitment. I have been with my wife for twelve years. This is the topper perched on my “Commitment Tree.” Sadly few other ornaments adorn said foliage. I beat Donkey Kong Country Returns at 100% even though I almost chucked the controller at the television on more than one occasion. I am not sure that was commitment rather than just being stubborn. That was a tough game that harkened back to the old days of Ninja Gaiden and Contra sans “The Code.”

Jokes about games aside I have quit many things in my life. I harbor much regret over more than a few things I let go by the wayside. When I did not show up for the National Yodeling Finals…well… I shall never yodel again. I could have won gold. See what I did there? I diffuse things I am uncomfortable with using humor. I suppose it an internal defense mechanism. I cannot help it. Rather than face these regrets I make jokes about them.

Four months ago today is when I officially decided to walk across the United States. At this time neither Elika nor myself to be honest thought I would stick with it. Commitment issues. Yet not only have I not let it falter, I have built upon it and let the momentum of the project feed me.

In four months I have slowly started building a social media network to back me on the walk. I have Child’s Play officially on board. I am sending out donation and sponsor letters. I already have my first donations. I did a marathon. I have seasonal work to see me through until March. I have walked almost five hundred miles. Four months ago I had mental anguish over walking to 7-11 for a Slurpee.

It would be a lie if I said I had not thought about quitting this. The entire project is scary. Yet those doubts I have I feel are a natural part of something like this and I do my best to squish them. Actually Elika squishes them. Without her being a driving motivational force with this walk I doubt I would be writing this today. I would be playing Far Cry 3. Actually I am still going to do that once I hit publish.

So four months down and three months and three days to go until the start and I am only gaining momentum. I honestly feel that joking about things you have accomplished might be better using humor to avoid things you have not. Funny thing is… I cannot actually think of anything funny to say at the moment. That sentence made no sense. I am going to go play Far Cry…