To make things a little more interesting…

And here I thought getting to the starting line would be relatively easy. To add a bit of spice to the story I am going to have knee surgery tomorrow. The blog post I made before about my knee acting up has led to a few doctor’s appointments that have shown that my cartilage is torn… again.

I asked the doctor why it keeps doing this and he told me I chose my grandparents poorly. At least he has a sense of humor over this; I found I have lost mine. Hopefully I will find it again. Not all of his news was bad, however. He said I could walk across the country on the tear that I have and it would not get any worse. It would hurt, but I have come to expect that a venture such as this will come with a certain level of pain.

But why do that if we can fix it? So we are, and the doctor said with physical therapy and an effort on my part I should have no issue stepping off the beach on March 10th. He said he is going to be my “pit crew.” All I need is a quick tune up and he will push me out onto the track. I told you he had a sense of humor. And anyway, these blog posts were getting boring. I was running out of material leading up to my departure. I just had to go and make things more interesting.

So expect a running account of the surgery and my recovery to shortly follow. Let’s do this.