They can rebuild him…

I must apologize upfront as it seems I have misplaced my phone. It was turned off during the time of surgery and never turned back on. It has to be around here somewhere but I have yet to locate it. Sadly this means you miss out on the surgery pictures that were taken, one of which included me in a smashing hospital gown and hair net, which is odd considering I have no hair – a fact that seemed lost on the nice hospital staff who made me wear it anyway. They were kind enough overall, but did not seem to understand my unique flavor of humor while I was anxiously awaiting to be sedated so they could cut into my knee. It is an attitude I like to describe as “charmingly uncooperative.”

doctorIt got to the point (and I must admit I am a bit proud of this) that the nice doctor in charge of my drugs actually ninja-dosed me with Valium. I was joking with a nurse about never being able to clog dance again and suddenly my IV line was burning. I turned to look, saw her pumping a syringe into the line and I poignantly stated “I take umbrage at your subterfuge, madam!” Actually, that is what I wanted to say. What I actually said was “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!” Then she told me to relax, and I said ok.

The next thing I knew was Dr. Pepper. A word on Dr. Pepper and surgery. It is without a doubt the best thing you will ever taste in your life the moment you wake up from surgery. Its complex blend of 23 flavors synergizes very well with the after effects of anesthesia and pain medication so that you taste each flavor separately and they all taste like joy, pure, blissful, fizzy joy. If you ever go under general anesthesia, I recommend you have one waiting.

So the deed is done and I am happy to report that it went well. The worst part was the itching of the bandage which I was supposed to keep on for 48 hours. I made it to about hour 38 and tore it off in the middle of the night and slept better for it. I am already off crutches, am using a cane a bit for support but that too shall be cast aside within a day or two. By March 10th I shall be able to skip; I won’t mind you, but I at least I’ll have the option!

I am also happy to report that my website is now just Although if you still use the WordPress URL it will re-direct you to the new one.