The official gear list!

I did a blog post about gear before with pictures and such but I am actually going to make an official list today. Those items I feel you might want to know more about I will hyperlink so you can read more about them. I might drop a sentence or two why I chose the particular item but I will try to keep it short. I will also be updating this from time to time. Any suggestions of things I may have left out would be greatly appreciated.

The Stroller a/k/a TARDIS – I chose this one because the seat reclines all the way down essentially creating a huge basket. I have had some comments that carrying gear in a stroller is creepy. I used to think that as well but not carrying fifty plus pounds on my back changed my mind.


water-resistant-conversion-pants-Water-resistant conversion pants x 2

-Under Armour-esque Shirts x 5

-Pairs of socks x 5

-Underwear x 5

-Pajama pants x 1

-Pajama shirt x 1

-Gloves x 1

-Cool hat! x 2 –I have two cool hats and am torn as to which I will take. One is a wide brimmed sun hat which is probably more functional but the other is an Indiana Jones fedora and… well… you know. I also have a Jayne hat for when I need to feel brave.

-Reflective vest x 1

-Travel towel x 1

-Hooded waterproof jacket with removable lining x 1



-Sleeping bag

-Heavy duty camp air mattress

-Stuff sacks – I have to sing the praises of these things. Most of the clothes and camping gear are in a stuff sack that can have the air pressed out of them so they get pretty flat. It saves on room and they can also double as a pillow.

-Camp stove

-Camp trowel

-Camp mallet

-Can opener

Assorted Gear

-Bear Vault (for food)
bear-spray-Bear Spray


-Leatherman Multitool


-Head lamp

-Small electric lantern

-iPhone (4s, if you must know)

-Nintendo 3DS

-Solar Charger – I have had a lot of questions about charging gear. This thing is awesome. I have already field tested it several times and it really is amazing.

-Rechargeable battery backup

-”Business” cards

-Hand wipes

-Duct tape

-Bungee cords


-First aid kit

-Glow sticks

-Waterproof tarp


-Safety pins


-I am not really going to make a list here as it will always be changing. Ideally I want to carry things that are light and also high in protein and calories. I will also be carrying roughly 2 gallons of water on me at the start, which I will obviously increase once I hit the desert.

And that is about it for now. I am sure I am going to be thinking of things over the next month or if you have suggestions please feel free leave a comment below.