The beard debacle.

A great many people seem interested with my facial hair of late. Before I decided to walk across the United States the only creatures who were ever concerned with this were dogs. Dogs love facial hair. I imagine to a dog it is an odiferous cornucopia of wonder and joy. I have been told I have a way with animals; that they seem to instinctively like me. Many times I have befriended a dog that I was told did not like people. I am not sure about other species, but as far as dogs are concerned the secret to my success is the goatee.

beards_mainBut now people are interested in my facial hair. Mainly they seem curious if I plan to let it grow out on my journey. I have to admit there is a sort of mystique to the idea of starting my trip clean shaven and ending it with a wild grown out beard. I have given this matter much thought. I really would love to do this but after consideration I fear I am just going to keep the goatee as well as I can.

The main reason for this is heat. I am mainly going to be walking in the spring and summer. I will also be going through several deserts. Beards are already hot and beards in high summer heat are doubly so. I have grown a full beard before and it has a tendency to go a bit out of control even when I try to maintain it. I fear letting it loose with no way to contain it might be unleashing an unspeakable horror on the world. So I shall carry a razor and do my best to keep my current appearance. Maybe when I get back I will let it go for eight months just for fun. Well… eight months or until it devours a cat.